Service Manager In Detail

Simple Menu Structure

The Service Manager main menu is designed to simple but effective. 

The system is designed so that wherever possible, sub applications run in their own environment and so they don't "Lock out" the main menu or other sub applications that are also running. 

This means that you can have as many of the sub menu's open as you like.

Data Cloud
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Powerful Searches

The system is designed so that searching for information is intuitive and powerful.

Simply type part of what you want to search for in one or more appropriate fields and hit enter. 

If there is a single match it is displayed and multiple matches show a list to pick from.

Simple Screens

We try to keep our screens logical and simple.

More detailed information is available in pop up sub screens.

A well known service software package takes 5 screens of information to log a service task.  We do it in one.

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Electrical engineer working on circuit board

SQL Database

The system runs on SQL Server and we support SQL Express which is free of charge from Microsoft saving the smaller user £1000's.

We utilise Microsoft's Report Server package and Power BI for reporting although of course you can use your favourite reporting tool.  Our database structure is easy to learn when writing your own reports.