Service Manager In Detail

Accounts Packages

We support a number of accounting packages including Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage Line 500.

The depth of the integration depends on the tools that are made available by the software vendor.

For example, Sage 50 is a CSV interface only whilst Sage 200 uses an API.  Sage Line 500 is supported natively.

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Document Management

Documents are managed by Service Manager and are stored using a "Context" so that they are retrievable in the correct part of the system.

The system generates PDF's but any type of document can be attached.  All documents are downloaded to the client software on demand so integrity of the documentation on the system is maintaned at all times.


Service Manager has a CRM function built in. 

This is seperate from the service modules but utilises many of the same database files.

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Mobile Integration

Service Manager will automatically despatch Tasks to technicians via mobile data on to either of our Mobile App offerings.

Data from the apps also returns into the system thus keeping the administrators informed of where technicians are and what they are doing. 

The system also has a mapping function to show the location of each technician.